Potsdam City Tour
Potsdam City Tour
Potsdam City Tour
Potsdam City Tour
Potsdam City Tour
Potsdam City Tour
Potsdam City Tour
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Discover Potsdam in a new way

With our HopOn / HopOff tour you are free to break your trip as often as you like and to explore Potsdam individually.

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Prices & Booking

Adults 20,00 €
Reduced (verification is required)
Elderly, pupils, students
18,00 €
Children (6-12 years old) 8,50 €
Welcome Card owner
Not bookable online
15,00 €

 Suitable for wheelchairs


Booking over stadtrundfahrt.com
All tickets are also available directly at the bus.

Live languages: Sprachen Liveguide
Audiosystem languages Sprachen Kopfhörer

At our Hop-on / Hop-off Tour it´s always possible to leave the bus at one
of our stops, and to continue the tour from there with later busses.
Credit-cards are not excepted.

Tour information

One Tour-circle without getting off is around 105 minutes. Every 60 min comes a new bus. Our available stops are, starting at 10.25 am from Stop 1 (Luisenplatz):

Haltestellen / Stops

Included: Headphones and a map of the tour
Excluded: Entrance fee of castles (always additional)

Potsdam is worth more than one journey

Explore the beautiful baroque old town of Potsdam and admire the imposing castles with their lovingly landscaped gardens. We offer you twelve different stops so you decide what you want to see and when. There are plenty of interesting spots to walk around. Drive through Potsdam’s inner city and through the Dutch Quarter to the Glienicker Bridge and explore “Alexandrowka”, the colony of traditional russian wooden houses known as “Little Siberia“.

See the grave of Frederick II, learn everything about the “Forbidden City” (a former KGB-Town) and hear exciting anecdotes. Experience the beautiful sights and impressive castles of Potsdam on this interesting and entertaining Potsdam-City -Tour on the trail of the prussian kings. Finally, discover the famous New Palace and the landscape of Potsdam. Walk past beautiful gardens and admire the biggest palace in Potsdam before spending the afternoon perhaps relaxing in the city.

Castle Cecilienhof

Castle Cecilienhof

Marble palace / KGB prison

Marble palace / KGB prison

Sans, souci. Castle

Sans, souci. Castle

Russian colony

Russian colony

Photograph: Valerie Kronewald



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